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Vergecast debating printing

Vergecast debates about printing

After having “survived” a self inflicted accident with an electric scooter I was looking for a break - the Vergecast was discussing the announcement Apple was expected to make the following event. As I listened casually the discussion quickly turned to a familiar accessory: Printers and printer drivers.

definition mobile printing

Mobile Printing – Definition, Scenarios and Advantages

Who hasn’t experienced it – printing only becomes problematic once it’s urgently needed, and it’s a problem that nobody likes tackling. This article defines mobile printing, asks the question why it’s required and its advantages as well as the solutions that can make everyday business life far more productive.

Thorsten Hesse,

Why mobile printing is important in enterprises?

Why mobile printing is important in enterprises? Why do employees want to print on the go? Thorsten Hesse, Chief Product Officer at ThinPrint, examines how mobile working has changed over the last decade and what lasting impact these revolutionary changes have had on mobile printing.

win 32 apps to Windows devices

Easily Deploy Win32 Apps with XenMobile to Windows 10 devices

XenMobile 10.7.3 comes with a lot of new features. Most importantly, you can distribute Win32 apps like the ThinPrint Client to managed Windows 10 devices. That is of help to any admin in running print infrastructure. Together with a unified endpoint management solution ThinPrint also enables mobile printing.

mobiles Drucken

ThinPrint Mobile Print and ThinPrint Mobile Session Print: What’s What?

ThinPrint offers various solutions for printing from iPhones, iPads or Android: ThinPrint Mobile Print and ThinPrint Mobile Session Print. Which of the two solutions is suitable for which application?