ThinPrint Mobile Print and ThinPrint Mobile Session Print: What’s What?

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ThinPrint Mobile Print and ThinPrint Mobile Session Print both enable the right mobile printing output for any work situation.

We’re sure some particularly attentive visitors to our website may have already noticed. We undertook a small yet important renaming.

ThinPrint Mobile Print is now called ThinPrint Mobile Session Print with ThinPrint Mobile Print being the name of our new mobile printing solution.

At this point I’d like to explain their differences and which of the two solutions are suitable for which scenario:

What can our new ThinPrint Mobile Print solution do?

Apparently, there are an endless number of different mobile printing apps. Why are we launching another mobile printing app when there are already so many? The answer is simple – with ThinPrint Mobile Print we want to offer companies a clearly structured and centrally manageable solution that covers all aspects of printing from local apps to smartphones and tablets. And this means a secure solution, independent of the printer manufacturer and independent of iOS or Android. ThinPrint Mobile Print is the first solution that actually enables companies to manage their iPad, Android and iPhone printing.

Since MacOS also supports printing via AirPrint, ThinPrint Mobile Print also enables managed printing for MacOS, especially printer assignment for MacOS. This makes ThinPrint Mobile Print the most comprehensive mobile printing solution that supports all mobile content printing scenarios on smartphones and tablets. The native printing systems of iOS and Android are also seamlessly supported.

It is important to note that ThinPrint Mobile Print is a standalone solution that can be used completely independently of the ThinPrint Engine. It can also be integrated into an MDM or enterprise mobility solution, such as MobileIron or AirWatch, which are used in businesses to manage mobile devices. More information on this is available on our website.

So, when do I need ThinPrint Mobile Session Print?

ThinPrint Mobile Session Print combines local printing from iPhones and iPads with printing from a remote desktop session. It enables therefore more or less mobile remote desktop printing. ThinPrint Mobile Session Print users can start print jobs in a remote desktop session and still print the job locally via AirPrint. ThinPrint Mobile Session Print is a feature of the ThinPrint Engine, the leading printing solution for virtual environments. It can be combined with ThinPrint Mobile Print but can also be used independently. A typical scenario for combining both products is when a company uses a remote desktop-based solution from the cloud and wants to print from this solution to local network printers.

Granted, we feel a little guilty that we may have confused our customers with the renaming, but we’re sure that the current naming clearly describes the relevant functions and hopefully our customers will find the right solution faster. If you have any questions about ThinPrint Mobile Print or ThinPrint Mobile Session Print, our colleagues will be happy to help you. Simply send an e-mail with the subject Mobile Printing to [email protected].

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