Are Print Servers Still Needed? ThinPrint Video Tutorial Part 2

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New video tutorial: Optimize your office or organisation’s print workflow by using a dedicated print server.

In the first part of ThinPrint’s tutorial on network printing, we guided you through “How to set up a printer for a network”. Now, the second part of our online guide “Are Print Servers Still Needed?” is available to watch on YouTube for free.
This video continues on with ThinPrint’s new YouTube series concerning the basic technology behind network printing and how it’s best put to use. Through ThinPrint’s expertise, you can easily learn how to install, configure, and optimize print servers and network printers.
You can watch the second episode here. More videos from ThinPrint on printing and print technologies are coming in the near future, so it is worth subscribing to the channel. The next video will deal with spooling.

For Whom is this ThinPrint Guide Intended?

This part is intended to teach first-time network administrators (and other interested users) the basics of how to optimize your office or organization’s print workflow. It will show you how this can be done, using a dedicated print server. It is meant to serve as an accessible, understandable guide to using Windows print servers. However, it could easily be transferred to other operating systems.

What Can I Expect to Learn from this Guide?

In this guide, the main roles that a print server can play in directing and backing up print traffic are discussed, in detail. There is also an in-depth look at the advantages of using a print server to handle traffic over a direct Wi-Fi or LAN network connection to your network printer. Ideally, this should inform you as to whether a dedicated print server is the right solution for your organization.

Are There any Tutorials Included?

The second part of the video provides a brief tutorial as to how certain print jobs and printers can be assigned higher network priority than others via the standard controls available on a Windows print server machine. This should give you a fundamental understanding of basic print management.

How Should I use the Technical Content in the Guide?

During the second half, you can follow the video to configure a server to prioritize print jobs and network printers. This brief guide is aimed towards administrators looking to set up a simple fixed hierarchy of users and printers. If you are already using a fully configured Windows print server, you could view the tutorial on the server desktop and experiment with prioritizing print tasks in real time.

What else is in the Guide?

The guide also contains a brief overview of some common networking strategies, such as where you might physically locate your main company print server to ensure maximum savings.

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