Vergecast debates about printing

Listening to Vergecast

Listening to Vergecast debating printing

Sometimes, customers claim that we’re asking for way too much money for our solutions, analysts seem to think that printing really isn’t that important anymore or the paperless office faction decided to make a showing.

Don’t get me wrong, our more than 25000 customers in 126 countries around the world make me pretty certain that printing is a very relevant technology. Sometimes however there’s an unexpected reminder of how true that is:

Penultimate Friday – I had just “survived” a self inflicted accident with an electric scooter on a gravel path and was looking for a break – Nilay Pate (@reckless), Dieter Bohn (@backlon) and Paul Miller (@futurepaul) of the Vergecast were discussing the announcement Apple was expected to make the following week.

Part of their discussion was the replacement of the Lightning port with a USB-C port to the iPad Pro and which devices Apple would allow to be connected to the new port and how this would make the iPad a more capable laptop replacement than it currently is.
As I listened casually the discussion quickly turned to a familiar accessory: Printers and printer drivers.

Skip to 1:12:53 and listen for yourself here:

Paul Miller proclaims “This is one of the most likely things to work, I feel like” and the group spends more than a minute of the 10 minute segment on Apple announcements debating printers and eventually circles back asking readers to recommend tiny USB-C printers that Nilay Patel can take to the Apple Event.

Don’t take it just from us: People still print!

For readers outside of the United States: The Vergecast is the (self-proclaimed flagship) podcast for the technology publication The Verge that is part of Vox Media and has been home to such renowned people as consumer technology columnist pioneer Walk Mosberg seriously of the Wall Street Journal.

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