Precaution for expired certificates on HP Future Smart printers

HP has issued a notice about expired and unneeded certificates on its Future Smart printers. To rule out any security issues, the company recommends customers remove all unneeded CA certificates from their FutureSmart products.

HP has released a security notice regarding the deprecation of certain Certificate Authority (CA) certificates in its FutureSmart products. CA certificates are used in Transport Layer Security (TLS) connections to validate the identity of a device. In order to avoid any security issues regarding expired or obsolete CA certificates in the FutureSmart firmware everybody should become active.

HP recommends that customers remove any unnecessary CA certificates from their FutureSmart products. A list of deprecated certificates is provided by the HP support. Customers can use the Embedded Web Server, HP Security Manager, or HP Web JetAdmin to delete the deprecated certificates from their devices.

Maintaining the security of TLS connections is important for the protection of sensitive data and communication between devices. By following the steps outlined in this security notice, customers can ensure that their HP FutureSmart products remain secure.

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Northcott Rosanna