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Printing without VPN with ThinPrint Secure Tunnel

Mastering Challenges and Optimizing Print Services: Success Strategies for Service Providers

For service providers, it's no longer a problem to offer their own services and virtual services to customers, even if there isn't a VPN channel to each customer. But what if customer-owned printers also need to be available in the provided services? This is where ThinPrint's Secure Tunnel comes into play.

Printing Defaults vs. Printing Preferences vs. Printing Properties – What to watch out for when changing settings

Properties for printer queues such as paper formats or orientation can be set in different ways. We discuss three setting options and their effects and show how ThinPrint's virtual printer driver ensures user-friendly and cost-saving printing.

Printing as part of the AI-driven world

The Future of Printing in an AI-Driven World – What Awaits Us in 2024

The integration of artificial intelligence (AI) and printing technology is fundamentally changing the way businesses handle printing tasks. The use of AI and cloud technologies streamlines and automates printing processes, seamlessly integrating them into digital workflows.

Printing at Remote Locations Like Stores or Warehouses

When printing at remote locations, there are various challenges to overcome, from accessibility and correct mapping of printers to maintenance issues and user experience to topics such as PrintNightmare, costly VPNs, and security issues. ezeep Blue handles all these challenges with ease.

Secure enterprise printing with Zero Trust and ezeep

How To Secure Your Enterprise Network with a Zero-Trust Strategy and ezeep

Zero trust is the first choice of architecture when it comes to maximum security for an enterprise. Learn how to fully secure the print process with zero trust and ezeep.

ThinPrints LPD Service enables highly available backend printing

Printing from ERP, CRM or EMR (HIS) Systems

Whether printing from SAP, Oracle, McKesson, Cerner or Epic: With the new ThinPrint LPD Service, ThinPrint ensures highly available CRM, ERP or EMR (HIS) printing.

The V4 Print Driver Model: What Admins Need to Know (Update 2023)

The V4 Print Driver Model: What Admins Need to Know (Update 2023)

Starting with Windows Server 2012 / Windows 8 (and newer), Microsoft introduced a new driver model for the printing subsystem called version 4 drivers (V4 printer driver model). The main idea behind it was to eliminate the disadvantages of the former V3 driver model. This article tells you what Admins need to know.


Precaution for expired certificates on HP Future Smart printers

To eliminate security issues, HP recommends removing expired/unneeded certificates on HP Future Smart printers.


Print Server Migration – Cloud or On-Premises?

Almost all companies are currently more or less busy with the cloud migration of some, if not all of their...