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Soon reality: Windows Virtual Desktop

What You Need to Know About Microsoft’s Windows Virtual Desktop

At Ignite 2018, Microsoft announced its Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) with support for Azure-based remote desktop workloads. We took a look at how Microsoft’s Windows 10 multiuser experience will work as well as how it could impact service providers, multi-tenant environments as well as end customers and shake up the virtualization industry.

Network printing with iPhones and iPads?

Network printing with iPhones and iPads – That´s how it works!

In this blogpost we’ll take a look at network printing with iPhones and iPads. Why is it important? What are the challenges to watch out for? And how can iOS network printing be easily set up?

print appliance by ThinPrint

A Print Appliance for Branch Office Success: The ThinPrint Hub

In the first quarter of 2016, ThinPrint added hardware to its portfolio for the first time with the ThinPrint Hub. The ThinPrint blog spoke with Frank Hoffmann, managing director at ThinPrint, about the reasons for the launch of the print appliance, how it’s used and what the future holds for the ThinPrint Hub.

printjob missed?

Problems when PDF printing from Edge to a Samsung Network Printer?

Problems printing PDFs from Edge to a Samsung printer? We had. Read about the workaround we used to easily solve this problem.

Speed up slow network printing

Slow network printing: Speedup your printouts and make your colleagues happy

Slow network printing is a no go. Fast printouts help you save money and bandwidth, lower calls to help desks, and increase productivity.


How Printing Works in Medical Practices

Printing is also an issue for medical practices. Problems that arise when it comes to printing can be easily solved with ThinPrint. A report from German practices.

How Does Rendering Work? – ThinPrint Video Tutorial Part 5

With any printimg job, rendering the document is essential. Our tutorial video, 'Basics about printing: How does rendering work?' explains this process fully and in a way that makes it easy to understand.

share printers

Sharing Printers: Your Network Print Provider – ThinPrint Video Tutorial Part 4

Knowing how to make the most of print share is essential and here is a video tutorial, introducing the role of the network print provider.

print spooling video

Time to Take You to Spooling School – ThinPrint Video Tutorial Part 3

This video tutorial will teach you how to troubleshoot common spooling issues, and shed some more light on the Windows printing system.

Are Print Servers Still Needed? ThinPrint Video Tutorial Part 2

This video tutorial "Print servers: Why and what for?" continues on with ThinPrint's new YouTube series concerning the basic technology behind network printing and how to use it. Through ThinPrint's expertise, you can easily learn how to install, configure, and optimise print servers and network printers.