VMware Horizon 8 Printing – A Breeze With ezeep

VMware offers a pure DaaS cloud solution with VMware Horizon 8, for which we recommend our cloud printing solution ezeep Blue. Find out what the cloud solution is all about, how it works and what benefits it offers in this article.

Convenient Printing for VMware Horizon 8
ThinPrint offers both cloud printing and on-premises printing for VMware Horizon 8 

What is the best way to print with VMware Horizon 8?

ThinPrint has many years of experience in providing print management for VMware products. Since the release of VMware Horizon 8 last year, there are many new and attractive options available to users. While Horizon 8 no longer embeds ThinPrint as a print solution, customers now have a whole new set of options for convenient printing with Horizon 8. 

On the one hand, customers can use the on-premises solution, ThinPrint Engine 12, in their VMware environment, which offers far more functions than the free printing solution previously integrated in VMware Horizon View. On the other hand, customers have the option to use our cloud print solution ezeep Blue in the context of Horizon 8. 

What aspects need to be considered when moving to the cloud?

There are many advantages to moving your print infrastructure to the cloud. However, there are a number of things you need to consider when making the switch.

First and foremost it is important to ensure that all the necessary functions which you require are supported by the cloud solution. In addition, the estimated return on investment also plays a decisive role when considering a move to cloud printing. In the end, switching to the cloud only makes sense if you can save money in the long run.

With ezeep Blue, all these criteria are met: No upfront costs for server hardware and software, no Windows licensing costs that can drive costs extremely high, no server maintenance and less labour is required. These provide real cost savings that pay off in the long run. Furthermore, with a cloud print solution, there are no limitations on features or performance, which also speaks in favour of moving to the cloud. 

ezeep Blue makes print management easy

Since it is very tedious to create print queues, we have developed ezeep Blue as a driver-free print solution and moved both the time-consuming driver management and print rendering to the cloud. 

For an administrator, this means that he does not have to manage a complex driver pool. He is spared the additional effort of creating countless printer queues to which he then would also have to assign printer drivers. All these steps are eliminated with ezeep Blue. 

Last but not least, security plays an important role. ezeep Blue is a secure printing solution where print data is transmitted in end-to-end encrypted form. 

How does Horizon 8 Cloud Printing improve the user experience?

At the end of the day, all users want is to be able to press “print” and see their printer light up. However, a lot has to happen in the background for this to happen. It is important that the user is shown all the printing functions. Therefore, ezeep Blue makes sure that the user has all the printer options available that he is used to from his native driver. 

In the background, the print data is compressed and sent over the WAN (via WebSockets) to the endpoint. This results in the desired printer responding immediately when the user presses the print button. In addition, ezeep Blue offers the popular pull printing feature, which provides additional security and convenience. 

ezeep Blue is easy to set up in just a few minutes. Simply register at ezeep.com and follow the steps. It doesn’t matter if your environment is a Horizon View or a Horizon 8 environment. 

Watch how ezeep Blue works with Horizon View 8

Scott Seddon from ezeep gives a deep dive session on printing with Horizon View 8.

In an in-depth demo, you’ll learn how easy it is to get ezeep set up and your printers connected.

To find out more about ezeep Blue or ThinPrint, simply contact us or visit our ezeep website

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