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Printing Defaults vs. Printing Preferences vs. Printing Properties – What to watch out for when changing settings

Properties for printer queues such as paper formats or orientation can be set in different ways. We discuss three setting options and their effects and show how ThinPrint's virtual printer driver ensures user-friendly and cost-saving printing.

Printing at Remote Locations Like Stores or Warehouses

When printing at remote locations, there are various challenges to overcome, from accessibility and correct mapping of printers to maintenance issues and user experience to topics such as PrintNightmare, costly VPNs, and security issues. ezeep Blue handles all these challenges with ease.

Personal Printing – The Secure Pull Printing Solution With Many Uses

In our short webinar we present our secure pull printing solution Personal Printing and report on an exciting use case during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Convenient Printing for VMware Horizon 8

VMware Horizon 8 Printing – A Breeze With ezeep

VMware offers a pure DaaS cloud solution with VMware Horizon 8, for which we recommend our cloud printing solution ezeep Blue. Find out what the cloud solution is all about, how it works and what benefits it offers in this article.

Natives Drucken mit ThinPrint

ThinPrint Supports Native Printing – Here’s Why

Native printing makes it possible to use even very special printer features of a printing device. To enable companies to take advantage of all the functions of original printer drivers, ThinPrint supports both driverless and native printing.

Contactless Secure Printing – Protect Corporate Data Against Misuse And Employees from Coronavirus

The current corona crisis is also affecting corporate printing. Learn why contactless printing is the most secure alternative to PIN-based release printing.

What does the end of support for Windows Server 2008 mean for printing?

Windows Server 2008/R2 Support End – What Businesses Need To Know Now

On January 14, 2020, Microsoft ended extended support for Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008 R2. Read in our blog post what needs to be taken into consideration for successor versions and find out how printing is affected by the end of support.

New Citrix product names

Citrix New Product Names Explained

To win new customers, Citrix 2018 standardized its product range and assigned new product names. However, Citrix rebranding in the Workspace, Networking and Analytics categories has no impact on ThinPrint's continued high performance print management for all Citrix environments.

Mopria, Google Cloud Print and Possible Alternatives: Android Printing for enterprises

The Android mobile operating system is hugely popular across the globe, both on private smartphones and tablets as well as in the corporate context. For many users however, working productively with mobile devices also means being able to print files easily. We're looking at how well solutions like Mopria and Google Cloud Print are suited for Android printing in the enterprise.

What is DaaS?

What is DaaS (Desktop-as-a-Service) and what distinguishes this form of virtual computing from Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)? The main difference is in how virtual desktops are deployed. And what are the advantages and disadvantages of DaaS? Discover everything you always wanted to know about DaaS in this article.

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