Expand Your Print Environment with Easy Printing for Smartphones & Tablets

Businesses are increasingly using smartphones and tablets. When employees print directly from their mobile devices to corporate printers, work processes are further simplified and accelerated. With ThinPrint’s ezeep Blue solution, the entire world of mobile printing is open to ThinPrint customers.

ezeep Blue enables printing from any location to any corporate printer – simply, securely, and quickly. The user’s device does not have to be in the same location or on the same network or network segment. This means that zero-trust approaches can be implemented in a targeted manner. It is also possible to use a shop’s open Wi-Fi service, which tends to be classified as insecure, for mobile devices and still operate the printer in a strictly secured network.

Easy mobile printing with ezeep Blue
In the ezeep Blue print app, print settings are made easily.

In addition, ezeep Blue mobile print also offers the possibility to instantly use almost any printer located in the same network. This printer does not need to support services such as AirPrint or the recently discontinued Google Cloud Print.

ezeep Blue mobile print searches the network for existing printers and then uses one of tens of thousands of available printer drivers in the cloud. This means that printing at a customer’s site or in a hotel lobby is possible in many cases. And that ezeep Blue Mobile Print supports significantly more devices and printers than the AirPrint or Mopria mobile standards.

Soon, ezeep Blue mobile print can also be used with secure ezeep Blue pull printing. Particularly when users are already printing documents while on the move, it makes sense that these are only output once the user is physically at the printer. After initiating the print process, the user can select the printer on which the print job is to be output.

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Carsten Mickeleit
Carsten Mickeleit is founder and CEO of Cortado Holding AG (formerly ThinPrint AG). After university, Carsten worked as a researcher at the Institute for System and Planning Theory. In 1990 he founded a provider of information technology solutions, Carano, where he was responsible for sales, marketing and technology leadership. In 1999 he founded ThinPrint AG and developed the company - now Cortado Holding AG - into the leading provider of software-based print and enterprise mobility solutions. Carsten Mickeleit holds a degree in Industrial Engineering from the Technical University of Berlin, with specialism in Finance and Electronics. Besides his work, Carsten is father of two grown-ups as well as being a passionate kite- and snowboarder.