ezeep Blue for ThinPrint Customers

On-Prem, Hybrid, or Cloud? 

The choice is yours because we offer the full range, from ThinPrint’s pure on-premises solution to ezeep’s native cloud solution. There are plenty of good reasons for both, and in many cases, both concepts complement each other. 

Easy printing with ThinPrint and ezeep

ThinPrint is clearly the solution of choice for remote desktop environments, either on-premises or hosted by a service provider. ezeep, on the other hand, supports many other scenarios. Including printing from an iPhone or Android deviceautomating workflows that involve printouts, easily connecting Macs and Chromebooks, or equipping SaaS solutions with a printing system, and much more.   

As a ThinPrint customer, you can now benefit from ezeep and use its full hybrid potential!  

Not only can ezeep be used to complement ThinPrint, but hybrid solutions will progressively emerge, giving you the best of both worlds.   

Soon we’ll start with the option to manage ThinPrint Hubs from the ezeep web console. All you need is an ezeep account to which you can then assign your ThinPrint Hubs. This is just the first of many more hybrid ThinPrint/ezeep solutions. 

Find out what else you can do with an ezeep account in this blog series. 

Tahani Khaled
Tahani Khaled