Printing at Remote Locations Like Stores or Warehouses

In many situations, it is an advantage to create printed products at remote locations, whether an order in the kitchen, picking slips in the warehouse, or shipping labels for a delivery point. In these contexts, printed paper has proven to be an indispensable tool. But when printing at remote locations, there are various challenges to overcome, from accessibility and correct mapping of printers to maintenance issues and user experience to topics such as PrintNightmare, costly VPNs, and security issues. ezeep Blue handles all these challenges with ease.

Easy printing at remote locations with ezeep Blue

Simple and Secure Connecting of Branch Offices and Other Remote Locations

Connecting remote locations has become easier and more secure than ever before with ezeep Blue. And best of all, all that is needed in addition to the actual printer is a maintenance-free ezeep Hub in the warehouse or restaurant that takes online orders. This device renders the print jobs in the cloud and simplifies printer driver management. All printers are conveniently managed in the ezeep admin portal, regardless of location. And thanks to ezeep Hub, neither IT admins nor print servers are needed in branch offices, and VPN connections are also unnecessary for printing.

The ezeep Hub also enables any zero-trust strategy by ensuring end-to-end authentication and authorization during the printing process. Print jobs are transmitted securely and encrypted all the way to the ezeep Hub. In addition, ezeep Blue offers excellent scalability. When opening a new branch, all that is required is to issue it with an ezeep Hub. This means that any new location is instantly connected via the cloud.

Smooth Printing at any Remote Location

With just a few clicks in the admin portal, printers can be assigned to individual users or groups. The reporting function provides an overview of the printer landscape and helps companies optimize their workflows and reduce costs.

Another advantage of ezeep Blue is its device independence. The printing solution is suitable for every platform and every end device, no matter whether iOS, Android, Google Chrome devices, Apple MacBooks or Windows PCs are used in branch offices. There are also no restrictions in terms of printing devices – users print smoothly to network printers, point-of-sales, label or mobile printers.

Via automation platforms such as Zapier or Make or directly via the JavaScript plug-in ezeep.js, ezeep Blue can be easily integrated into existing software, which further streamlines processes.

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