EU GDPR: Citrix, Igel and ThinPrint – Better Together

GDPR with 3 marketleaders

GDPR and Security: An important concern in the cooperation of Citrix, Igel and ThinPrint

The majority of an organization’s most sensitive data (personal, proprietary or otherwise sensitive information) is printed at some point and exposed to significant risks along the way if printing is not adequately managed and monitored.

Repeated countless times a day a simple printout is probably the easiest way for data to fall into the wrong hands.

There are however easy, cost effective ways to mitigate these risks without reducing flexibility and productivity for employees. Whether it’s government-mandated safeguards for sensitive, personal information or an organization’s desire to protect its assets and customers, a combination of Citrix, Igel and ThinPrint means providing industry-leading desktops and applications to users.

Whether it is GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) for your European operation or HIPPA that is driving your agenda, this group of three industry leading solutions has you covered.

The joint solution addresses 5 primary business needs:

  • Data Delivery Security
  • Regulatory Requirements (General Data Protection Regulation/HIPPA/etc.)
  • Lack of Encryption
  • Mobile Users Need to Print Anywhere
  • Endpoint Security

All partners in the cooperation are focusing on a number of core principles

  • A unified solution across apps, services and (cloud) networks
  • A secure solution ensuring compliance with government regulations and security mandates
  • A contextual solution that reduces or eliminates management overhead but enhances user convenience and productivity

For printing that means including ThinPrint Engine, the world’s leading solution for centralized, secure printing.
Enabling many of the developments in the virtual and Remote Desktop space we take for granted today, ThinPrint brings a vast array of benefits to enable deployments of virtual application and desktop environments of any size.

Whether it’s reducing network load, increasing user density on the most expensive servers, simplifying management or increasing security, ThinPrint has the perfect solution at hand.

Read more in our White Paper about how to deploy the joint Citrix, Igel and ThinPrint solution bundle.

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Henning Volkmer
Henning Volkmer is the president and CEO of Cortado, Inc., driving the execution of the company's strategy as the leading innovator across print management, enterprise mobility, and improved collaboration for teams. He has established a broad technological background and has been at the forefront of technology trends for the past seventeen years. In addition to holding various positions within the Cortado group, Henning Volkmer served as part of a project team focused on reducing costs in the network infrastructure division with what is now Nokia. Under Volkmer's direction, ThinPrint brand has increased its lead as the premier print management software, while Cortado brand has become recognized as a pioneer business solution, shaping the future of the cloud desktop. Originally from Berlin, Germany, Henning currently resides in Denver, CO and spends his time away from work with friends and family, traveling or exploring restaurants.