How to Solve Your Citrix Printing Problems

Printing is a critical function in many organizations. Especially when it comes to virtual desktop environments, efficient and smooth printing contributes to user-friendly work. Founded in 1999 as a print pioneer for Citrix printing, ThinPrint’s print management software has been used in more than 12,000 Citrix projects with up to 180,000 users to ensure smooth, efficient printing.

Printing is a critical operation in many companies. ThinPrint in Citrix environments provides an intelligent yet straightforward solution for Citrix printing.

ThinPrint’s core competence is in delivering driver-free printing and central management of the print environment. Simplified print management consistently speeds up print jobs.

ThinPrint compresses all print jobs, regardless of which printer drivers are used or on which system the print job is initiated. Streaming ensures a fast start to printing and ThinPrint’s SpeedCache further reduces the amount of data to be transferred. ThinPrint reliably guarantees the highest output speed in any complex system environment.

Load balancing for servers and clients also ensures optimal performance. If one print server is not operational for whatever reason, another server automatically takes over. ThinPrint not only checks the availability of the servers, but also reacts to print-related problems. This guarantees high availability for the entire print environment. Printer drivers and print servers can be completely centralized, and fast, reliable printing becomes a matter of course at the same time.

With connection-oriented bandwidth control, session performance remains unaffected by the Citrix printing process, even on full days in the office, when many users are printing simultaneously. A virtual printer driver covers all Citrix application and desktop virtualization solutions, helping to keep virtual apps and virtual desktops free of printer drivers.

In addition to high availability, the security of print data also plays an important role. ThinPrint provides encryption for a protected print process, if desired right to the printer or even for mobile session printing. With ThinPrint, Citrix users can also print from their mobile devices from the Citrix Workspace app to local printers.

Not only Citrix users but also Citrix itself recognize the added value. According to Citrix Solution Brief: “ThinPrint has been the best printing solution for Citrix customers since 1999. It ensures that Citrix users can print any document, regardless of the printer and wherever they access their Citrix virtual desktop”.

Tailored to your system architecture, ThinPrint delivers 100% Citrix support. The solution is flexible and adapts to any system architecture. As a Citrix Ready Certified solution, ThinPrint provides seamless support for Citrix Virtual Desktops, Citrix Virtual Apps, Citrix Endpoint Management and other Citrix solutions.

Get more information about Citrix printing with ThinPrint. For more tips and detailed information for your specific use case, you can take a look at our on-demand webinar Top 10 Reasons for ThinPrint Engine with Citrix.

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