Secure Printing in Accordance with EU General Data Protection Regulations

Secure printing is important

Secure Printing: Significant data security weaknesses during the printing process can be all too easily overlooked.

IT administrators and those responsible for security have little time remaining to deal with the upcoming EU regulation on data protection. From May 25, 2018 onwards, the EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR) becomes mandatory. It unifies all regulations on the processing of personal data in EU member states. Protection of personal information will be significantly improved – with free data traffic throughout the European internal market. This regulation is binding for both private companies as well as public authorities. In particular, companies are looking to overcome the challenges at an early stage. Significant data security weaknesses during the printing process can be all too easily overlooked. Nonetheless, this area is one that companies need to deal with in a timely manner.

This applies in particular to:

  • Sending unencrypted data to the printer
  • Storing unencrypted data on print servers or printer storage
  • Printing to an incorrect printer
  • Printouts falling into unauthorized hands after output at the printer

Data leaks on paper in principle can have just as devastating consequences as purely digital data losses. Legal and financial penalties also come into play when unsecured print processes are in place.

ThinPrint: Secure Printing in Accordance with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation

Printing processes and individual print jobs pose risks, because tailor-made attacks may convey printed data containing personal information to unauthorized third parties. ThinPrint provides comprehensive security and data protection, especially through its strong end-to-end SSL/TLS encryption.

Reliable data protection thanks to ThinPrint’s Secure Printing Software

A further security threat exists when printouts fall into the wrong hands. Protection against such data loss is provided by Personal Printing. ThinPrint’s secure printing solution offers a form of follow-me-printing. Print jobs are only outputted if the document owner personally authenticates at the relevant printer. Secure pull printing ensures that only the right employee is given his or her printouts.

ThinPrint’s secure printing software easily and simply eliminates the risk of data loss: If a data leak occurs, the number of people involved can be significantly reduced, often to just one person.

White Paper on the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation

ThinPrint offers a detailed white paper on the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation – “What to Consider for Network Printing.” Here you will find practice-oriented aspects of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation as well as network printing basics. The reader is introduced to critical points of attack that can take place during the printing process. The text also shows how to avoid those weaknesses in order to ensure compliance with the EU’s new General Data Protection Regulation.

Use this information to prepare fully and to customize your IT environment without delay: EU General Data Protection Regulation: What to consider for Network Data Printing

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