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In global companies, international and secure pull printing can be helpful

9 a.m. – Berlin headquarters: While reading an important document, I realize that I’ll also need it later on paper so I click on print.

3 p.m. – London branch office: I arrive early at the meeting room and think it’s odd that it’s sunny here while it was raining in Berlin.  Then I remember the document and realize it would be handy to show it to the others at the meeting. I just walk over to the nearest printer, authenticate with my smartphone and my print out comes out right away.

OK, while we don’t actually have an office in London, many of our customers do have various office locations either within one country or even internationally. Thanks to ThinPrint Personal Printing they benefit from high-performance pull printing, even in a global scenario.

How International Pull Printing Works

With ThinPrint Personal Printing, print jobs can be parked and processed on a print server located in a central data center.  ThinPrint specific features like compression, streaming and encryption of print data during transmission can be used to guarantee fast and secure printing even via thin bandwidths and over long distances.

Another option on how to setup Personal Printing is to have a print server with Personal Printing in multiple locations. One server could be in the Berlin headquarters and another in the data center in London. Of course this also would work with data centers in Hong Kong, New York or anywhere else.

As long as the users are in their main location, they print to and from the Personal Printing print server in that location. So in the example I mentioned above, I’m located in Berlin and thus my print job gets securely parked on the server in Berlin. When I authenticate at the printer in London (via access card, smartcard or smartphone/tablet) the Personal Printing server in London accesses the storage of the Personal Printing server in Berlin and retrieves the print job from there. I get the print job in London quickly and can proudly show off my document in the meeting.

internationel pull printing

International pull printing with ThinPrint: In Berlin the user starts his print job by choosing Personal Printing as the printer. After flying to London, he authenticates at a network printer e.g. with a barcode or smartcard and immediately gets his printout.

Four Advantages of Global Pull Printing with Personal Printing

A pull printing solution that performs well throughout all locations of a customer kills four birds with just the one stone:

  • Less admin tasks for the IT department: Users don’t need to get printers assigned to them for each location they visit.
  • Flexibility for the users: They walk up to any printer in their organization and instantly get their printout – without having to choose the right printer from a long list.
  • Security: The print job is only printed when the user is at the printer, thus confidential data never falls into the wrong hands.
  • Reduces cost and protects the environment: No more piles of paper next to the printer that consist of printouts that are never picked up.

You can try out Personal Printing with your own printers for free and without needing any additional hardware. Download a free demoversion of Personal Printing.

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