Stratodesk Video Interview: Easier Printing with the ThinPrint Hub

In our interview, we chat with Rich Severson – Senior Solutions Engineer at Stratodesk – to learn more about the new management solution for the ThinPrint Hub.

What Is the ThinPrint Hub?

The ThinPrint Hub is the easiest way to deliver secure and fast printing in branch offices, without requiring complicated setups.

This compact device, which is based on Raspberry Pi hardware for a simple plug-&-play setup, delivers massive cost savings. Not only does it eliminate the need for printer servers in branch offices, but print jobs are also encrypted without expensive VPNs too.

Hundreds of businesses are experiencing the benefits of this technology since its release. However, the number of ThinPrint Hubs in use can grow quickly, so it was clear that a management solution was required.

To make this possible, ThinPrint teamed up with Stratodesk last year to work on a solution.

Stratodesk is a worldwide leader in endpoint management solutions, and together with their help, we’ve delivered a fantastic tool to manage and update all of your ThinPrint Hubs from a single console.

If you’re interested in viewing the management solution in action, or already have it and want to get started, follow up with our walkthrough video with Henning Volkmer.

It’s free to try out the ThinPrint Hub for 30 days and without obligation. Simply visit the ThinPrint Hub website for more details.

Thurmond Meadows