NComputing Guest Contribution: Printing with Thin Clients and ThinPrint

Printing with thin clients like NComputing’s RX HDX

In combination with NComputing’s RX-HDX thin client, the ThinPrint Hub ensures easy printing with thin clients, even in branch offices.

The new RX-HDX from NComputing (left) is a next-gen thin client. The Raspberry Pi based client is fully Citrix HDX ready and was designed in close cooperation with Citrix. Just like the ThinPrint Hub, the thin client solves a number of problems for organizations that are concerned with the transformation of workstations and for which scalability, costs and simple and secure administration are important aspects.

So Easy to Set Up Workstations

NComputing’s RX-HDX is optimized for XenApp and XenDesktop and fits perfectly into existing Citrix environments in your company. Due to the close cooperation with Citrix, RX-HDX is part of the Citrix Ready Workspace Hub Program, which deals with innovative solutions for the transformation of workstations.

The RX-HDX thin client supports client-side rendering for video content and server-side rendering for flash videos. The thin client also focuses on security, high scalability and central administration as well as attractive pricing. This is achieved among other things by the Stratodesk No Touch Center. This has been specially developed for enterprise customers and enables you to manage your RX-HDX devices quickly and easily. The software takes over the central updating of the firmware, configurations and other management tasks. The administrator can centrally manage RX-HDX devices regardless of the size of the environment and its location. This reduces the administrative effort to a minimum.

By using the NComputing devices, companies can reduce their hardware costs by up to 80 percent and thus less budget is tied up on a single workstation. The RX-HDX client can be upgraded with a dongle, providing the ability to connect a second screen. Companies such as Grolman International Distribution, Wahl, bfi Steiermark or Bonifatius Hospital Lingen already use the NComputing RX-HDX solution.

ThinPrint Plus RX-HDX

Often problems arise when printing with thin clients. Poor session performance and difficulties in installing drivers for printers, if they can be installed at all, can be a real test of nerves for administrators and employees. The user experience is irreparably damaged, and decision-makers become wary of cost-efficient thin client solutions.

This does not have to be the case – with a ThinPrint solution with RX-HDX thin clients. Thanks to ThinPrint, printing with thin clients is efficient and reliable. The ThinPrint Hub perfect complements the virtual desktop environment, especially for the Citrix solution mentioned above. However, RDS and VMware solutions can also be easily connected. It doesn’t matter which network printer you use or whether you want to integrate a USB printer into your network. All printer hardware is supported by the ThinPrint Hub and can be managed with the RX-HDX.

The SSL-encrypted print data transmission provides the necessary security. At the same time, bandwidth control and Advanced Adaptive Compression protect your network’s bandwidth. This results in excellent synergy effects from the two solutions. Combined, the ThinPrint Hub solves the problem of compatibility of your printer hardware with thin clients, and the RX-HDX client provides you with a high-performance, secure and centrally controlled PC alternative. The central management of both systems alone can significantly reduce costs and workload.

Jochen Polster, VP Sales & Marketing EMEA, NComputing

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