Microsoft Ignite 2018 – Top Sessions on the Windows Virtual Desktop

Microsoft Ignite 2018

The ThinPrint team working hard at Microsoft Ignite 2018

Ignite is Microsoft’s annual conference for developers and IT professionals. Originally known as TechEd, Microsoft relaunched its conference in 2015 as Microsoft Ignite. And 2018 was a great year for ThinPrint to be taking such an active role at the show as there were more sessions on Remote Desktop Services (RDS) and the modern workplace than in any of the previous years.

If you didn’t get a chance to attend Microsoft Ignite 2018, or even if you did, but didn’t see every session you wanted to – don’t worry. We’ve rounded up some of the most important sessions right here. Just click on the title to view a recording of the session, you’ll also find the slides to the session on that page too.

A tour of Windows Virtual Desktop
This gives you a great overview of the Windows Virtual Desktop and how it delivers a modern desktop in the cloud to any Microsoft 365 or Azure device.

Community tools you should know to optimize your modern workplace
An overview of the best free or low-cost benchmarking, monitoring, and analysis tools.

Measuring perceived end user experience in RDS, and why you should care
This session showed how to build, track, and analyze perceived end user experience in an RDS environment using real-world scenarios – essential for successful deployments.

Desktop Virtualization updates with Windows 10 and Microsoft 365
This session gives an overview of the latest updates to remote desktop services and hosting virtual machines.

Windows Virtual Desktop overview
This gives you a detailed look at Windows Virtual Desktop and what is needed to run your virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) or Remote Desktop Session Host (RDSH) desktops in the cloud. The Windows Virtual Desktop deep dive takes an even-deeper technical look at Microsoft’s new approach and talks about support for Windows 7 virtual desktops.

Office in Virtual Desktop environments
This lists detailed scenarios on how to best run Office 365 ProPlus in persistent and non-persistent virtualized environments.

What’s new in Remote Desktop Services on Windows Server 2019
This shows you the updates coming with Windows Server 2019 and how they work together with Azure.

New multi-session virtualization capabilities in Windows
This illustrates how Windows 10 remoting works as well as updates for RDSH. This session also takes a look at the most common desktop and app virtualization scenarios.

Migrate your virtualized client application to Microsoft Azure
This shows some handy tools to make migrating workloads from private clouds and on-premises datacenters to Azure a lot easier.

And so that you can put it all into perspective – Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella’s keynote.

As of October 2018, Microsoft is in the final stages of its public preview of its Windows Virtual Desktop. You can sign up for this preview here. Microsoft has also chosen seven initial partners to extend their Windows Virtual Desktop service through the Azure marketplace. ThinPrint is the only print vendor among the group which also includes Citrix, CloudJumper, FSLogix, Lakeside Software, Liquidware and People Tech Group.

If you are looking to learn more about the Windows Virtual Desktop, or how printing will be affected, you can contact us at to get the latest updates. And keep an eye out for our upcoming webinars too.

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