Network printing with iPhones and iPads – That´s how it works!

Network printing with iPhones and iPads?

Always at hand, but how to realize network printing with iPhones and iPads?

Our previous blog post Mobile printing – definition, scenarios and advantages looked at what is really meant by mobile printing. So, this time we’ll take a look at network printing with iPhones and iPads. Why is it important? What are the challenges to watch out for? And how can iOS network printing be easily set up?

Printing has evolved significantly in the last 20 years. Despite the paperless office being prophesized, employees are still printing. What has reduced is postal deliveries – most people receive important documents ranging from meeting agendas to complex customer contracts per email and print them themselves, if necessary. Both employees and customers still process information better when it is printed – whether for reviewing purposes, or when making a purchase decision. This means that printed data, while on the surface may seem outdated, remains the best user experience out there.

Another aspect that has changed entirely is how we work. No longer are we tied to our desktop PCs, because that’s the only place we can work from. We can communicate and collaborate with colleagues as well as make decisions on the go just as easily with our mobile devices.

So easy network printing with iPhones and iPads is an increasingly in-demand feature. Why should you have to go back to your desk just to print off that important contract you wanted to read over before sending off to the customer?

What are the challenges to watch out for? You’re probably thinking why not simply print via AirPrint? Unfortunately, the printing features available are limited, which often defeats the advantages of printing directly from an iPhone or iPad to a network printer in a business context. Also, the iOS device and printer must be in the same Wi-Fi network, so you have to be physically close to the printer. And finally, only an AirPrint-enabled printer can be used. For any business or organization, replacing an entire printer fleet with AirPrint printers is not a viable solution.

So how can iOS network printing be easily set up? What is needed is a software solution that can integrate iOS devices into your existing printing infrastructure, for example ezeep Mobile Print. This allows all users to be able to print to any existing network printer – even on the move.

There will no doubt be some scenarios where rights need to be extended or restricted for mobile use. And seeing as we’re talking about mobile devices – integration with UEM or MDM systems such as Workspace One, MobileIron or Sophos is another important advantage that comes with ezeep Mobile Print.

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