Mobile Printing – Definition, Scenarios and Advantages

definition mobile printing

With the increasing use of mobile devices, there is also a growing desire to be able to print documents on the move.

Mobile printing is defined as printing documents from mobile devices. Way back in the day, the Palm handheld even came with an infrared printing option. Today there are a number of different apps for iPhones, iPads and Android devices that enable mobile printing. The apps from the printer manufacturers are worth mentioning here, but they are limited to compatibility with printers from their own line. In addition, there are the Google Cloud Print (no longer available as of 2021) and Apple AirPrint solutions for Android and iOS devices as well as third-party apps for different scenarios and environments. Mobile printing is therefore clearly technically possible. It is desirable, however, that printing can be provisioned and controlled by IT departments when it comes to corporate use. ezeep Mobile Print offers a solution for secure managed printing.

After defining mobile printing, the question arises as to why

But why would one want to, or should, print from mobile devices? The necessity of mobile printing arises on the one hand from the widespread use of mobile end devices and on the other hand from their more diverse capabilities. More and more employees are receiving important emails or documents on their mobile devices that they need in paper form. And more and more apps, managed via mobile device management systems, ensure productive mobile working. It is therefore only logical and understandable that the desire to print documents independently of the desktop PC is becoming more and more common. Thorsten Hesse’s blog article Why Mobile Printing is Important in Enterprises also deals with the reasons why employees want to print on the move.

What can be printed on the move?

Which printing options are available depends on the apps used. Mobile printing is not possible from every app. If ThinPrint’s cloud printing solution ezeep is used however, there are no restrictions. For example, recently edited PowerPoint slides, important photos or open website pages pose no challenges to print directly from the app. With mobile printing, you can use the numerous features of your printing systems, such as double-sided printing, choosing between color and B/W, stapling/hole-punch, etc…

What are the advantages?

There are many advantages to using ezeep Mobile Print:

  • Managed secure printing for all mobile devices in the enterprise
  • Mapping of printers to employees, so that they don’t have to choose from an unmanageable number of printers.
  • Convenient mobile printing without driver or software installation for iOS and Android devices
  • Flexible and intuitive transmission of the desired print jobs from the email app or website directly from the browser
  • Cost savings by selecting duplex printing or b/w instead of color printing.
  • Native iOS + Android printing

Mobile printing with ezeep Mobile Print makes day-to-day work so much easier and fully integrates printing into your existing end device environment. There’s only one thing it can’t do – refill an empty paper tray – you’ll have to get mobile yourself to do that.

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