Personal Printing – The Secure Pull Printing Solution With Many Uses

Yahor Basalai, Regional Manager Eastern Europe, presents in a short webinar ThinPrint’s secure pull printing solution Personal Printing and reports on an exciting use case during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Personal Printing explained in two sentences: With ThinPrint’s Pull Printing solution, print jobs are not triggered directly but are temporarily stored on a central print server. Print jobs are started and the document is securely delivered only after users have authenticated themselves at the network printer or multifunction device of their choice.  

Personal Printing = High Printing Reliability and Low Printing Costs

Personal Printing ensures the secure output of confidential documents by always making sure that users print to the correct printer – the one they are at. This also ensures that no documents with sensitive content are left in the printer’s paper tray. And, of course, the print jobs are transmitted in encrypted form. With Personal Printing, it is easy to gain control of your print costs, as paper usage and toner costs are significantly reduced. 

Personal Printing – Suitable for Any Application 

Personal Printing can be implemented entirely according to the needs of each organization. The webinar will take a closer look at 3 authentication methods: 

  • Print release via PIN entry: The document is delivered once users identify themselves by entering a PIN on the printing device. You can use this form of authentication with many printer models.  
  • Smartcards and Release StationThinPrint’s Release Station enables Personal Printing with any printer model from any manufacturer. You can provide secure pull printing for up to 4 USB printers in addition to any number of network printers. Users can authenticate to the Release Station with all kinds of smart cards, such as RFID cards or corporate badges. 
  • Print release via Smartphone and QR code: In the easiest-to-use form of Personal Printing, users scan a QR code attached to the printer with the Personal Printing App (iOS and Android) to initiate the print output. 

Corona-Relevant Personal Printing Use Case – Hybrid Work Model with Secure Printing 

The webinar will also report on an exciting Personal Printing use case during the Corona pandemic. Thanks to Personal Printing, a financial company was able to successfully implement its hybrid work strategy: Employees work protected in the home office and print their confidential documents securely on the office printer. 

If you like the sound of Personal Printing, you are welcome to test the pull printing solution for 30 days free of charge

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