A Print Server or Direct IP Printing: Which Solution Best Fits My Needs?

Direct IP printing vs printserver

What is better for my company? A print server or direct IP printing?

If you’re thinking about optimizing printing processes in your company, you’ll sooner or later be faced with the question of whether a print server is worthwhile, or if in fact direct IP printing is better. Both options come with a range of advantages and disadvantages.

Which Aspects Count?

When deciding to improve workflows in a company, three aspects are generally kept in mind:

  1. Simplifying processes
  2. Increasing productivity
  3. Reducing costs

Of course, security aspects also play a role. Print management has continued to develop in recent years. What are the arguments for direct IP printing? What are the advantages of a central print server? The best printing solution is usually found when all aspects that come into play are carefully considered. And the answer always depends upon what role printing actually plays in the company.

Reasons in Favor of Print Servers

Large companies in particular have many reasons for choosing a uniform, server-based printing environment. Outsourcing the printing processes to a central location is an obvious and practical solution, especially for complex IT structures – not least in terms of security aspects. Printer problems can be resolved faster and easier from a central location. For example, the drivers installed on each individual desktop computer can be replaced by a universal printer interface. Even larger print jobs usually pose no problem for print servers.

Direct IP Printing Advantages

Direct IP printing has the decisive advantage that printing is still possible even if the print server happens to fail. Add to this the fact that a company that relies on printers installed directly on the workstations can manage with a leaner server infrastructure. Experience has shown that setting up IP printers is also easier. This option, which comes closest to the classic setup between computer and printer, is often the simpler alternative, especially for smaller companies.

Individual Requirements are the Deciding Factor

It’s important to choose a solution provider who can implement both alternatives. This ensures that choosing between both options is an open and transparent procedure, and one which best meets the requirements of the business. A comprehensive analysis of individual requirements and needs usually leads quite quickly to a clear indication of whether a print server, or direct IP printing is best suited for a company.

If you too are unsure about which form of print management is right for your company, or indeed are even thinking about a hybrid form then get in touch. Simply send an e-mail to: [email protected] or call +1 720 253 1400, where we will be happy to advise you.

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