Hybrid Work: Simply Better with ezeep

The pandemic has clearly left its mark on the world of work. Even if staying at home office 100% of the time will no doubt be an exception, companies can assume that employees will change their work location much more frequently than in the past.

However, the productivity of employees is significantly reduced if they have to get used to different IT environments depending on their location. It is advisable to create an environment in which employees always have access to the systems they need in the same way.

With ezeep Blue, employees can access corporate printers at any time, even without a VPN, regardless of whether they are in the home office, on a mobile network instead of a corporate network, or on the train.

Easy printing for all hybrid work models
With ezeep Blue, employees can print from any location and any device. Image by Viktoria Slowikowska from Pexels.

The ezeep Blue Hub makes it easy to include printers in the home office. Since this does not require direct access from the PC, printing with ezeep Blue also meets the requirements of a zero-trust environment. And printouts that are triggered on company printers while the employees are not yet in the office can be secured via pull printing.

At the same time, ezeep Blue supports a wide range of devices. Whether a MacBook or Chromebook, iPhone, iPad or Android device and, of course, a Windows PC, with all their devices users print via ezeep Blue just as conveniently.

ezeep Blue is the future of printing and therefore ideally suited to meet the requirements of tomorrow’s work.

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