ThinPrint Hub Tutorial: Unbelievably Easy Branch Office Printing

In this quick tutorial we demonstrate how to configure printing from a cloud-hosted print server (e.g. hosted in AWS), down to a remote branch office hiding behind a masked network.

Tree branches depicting the complexity of companies.
Businesses grow like trees. Making sure everything runs smoothly in branch offices is a challenge though. (Picture: RegalShave on Pixabay)

Deploying printing infrastructure in a remote branch office physically separated from headquarters often poses a number of challenges.

Often, there is no printing expertise in the branch office itself. Depending on the distances involved, resolving problems can therefore be time consuming and less than ideal.

On top of this, print jobs can contain highly sensitive data, therefore adequate security measures need to be implemented. Costs resulting from provisioning local server hardware and encrypted connections (VPNs) can add up quickly.  

Some administrators try to work around this issue by simply deploying session-based printing, e.g. printing from an RDSH over the RDP channel, or from a Citrix XenApp Server over the ICA channel. This poses some extra challenges in large environments:

  • As users are sharing their session with application data and print data, session performance and stability can be impacted, even coming to a complete stand-still when connecting from sites with a small bandwidth link.
  • The administrator needs to be vigilant in keeping print drivers up to date on every users’ workstation. Driver issues are often the biggest cause for print-related phone calls to the IT Desk, and the workload is intensified when you have the same printer driver on dozens of users’ workstations.

Whatever the scenario, the time-tested solution to eliminate these problems and lower the administrative burden is to use a centrally-managed print server hosting a single copy of all the printer drivers and a ThinPrint Engine, along with the ThinPrint Hub at branch offices.

Tutorial: Configuring Branch Office Printing with the ThinPrint Hub


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Just take a look in this video. Even in situations where the branch offices are not in the same network as the print server, ThinPrint is able transmit print data outside of the users’ session securely over the World Wide Web. This is achievable using a ThinPrint Hub and a central print server with ThinPrint Engine and Connection Service installed. We demonstrate how easy it is to set up and how quick and seamless the printing experience will be for your remote users!

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Aaron Edwards
Aaron Edwards
Aaron Edwards is Systems Consultant of Cortado Pty Ltd, tasked with delivering and supporting ThinPrint and ezeep projects in the Asia Pacific region. Aaron started working in the IT & Telecommunications industry at the age of 16, jumping straight into a telecommunications traineeship with the global carrier Pacnet (now acquired by Telstra) as soon as he left school. Having supported data centre construction and migration projects, Aaron acquired a depth of cloud infrastructure knowledge. He has been with Cortado since 2015, where his infrastructure knowledge allows him to comfortably work on large-scale projects to help thousands of users experience fast and highly-available printing from cloud environments. Besides his work, Aaron is happily married to his Filipina wife, and has rescued 2 ex-racing greyhounds. He is a passionate chess player and armchair critic of cricket and motorsports.