Smart Printing Key to Success for VDI in Healthcare


Hospitals using VDI still face significant printing challenges.


The growing use of virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) in healthcare institutions reflects a global trend. Technavio predicts that the market for remote-desktop solutions will enjoy steady growth of 11% in the next four years. Thanks to the advent of VDI, hospital staff no longer rely on cumbersome desktop access. They can retrieve vital patient information from a mobile device instantly, without any jeopardy to data security and privacy. While this sounds like a digital dream come true, hospitals still have massive printing requirements which are often overlooked in the above scenario. This is where ThinPrint comes in to play with a printing solution that perfectly complements virtual desktops’ many benefits.

Why do hospitals need improved printing?

ThinPrint welcomes the ways VDI technology has improved clinicians’ work, allowing them mobile access to patient information safely stored on their desktops or secured servers. Hospitals’ information processing and sharing, however, retains a strong paper-based component. As more data become available and accessible thanks to technology, print formats diversify, high-availability printing becomes the norm and paper trails can sometimes even grow longer. Doctors, nurses, and their patients can only enjoy the benefits of this increase in mobility if the print infrastructure follows suit.

Reliable access requires reliable printing

As the information available to clinicians and staff grows exponentially and becomes accessible on the go thanks to VDI, hospitals’ print demands increase at a matching pace. For all its benefits, mobility also poses challenges when it comes to putting information on paper, and the main obstacles concern reliability and performance. ThinPrint offers solutions to both of these central issues. Healthcare organizations handle heavy print schedules easily and avoid long printer queues with ThinPrint features such as print specific Advanced Adapting Compression, caching and streaming. We also ensure high availability through load balancing and failover for print servers, as well as on the printer side, guaranteeing a timely and reliable print job output.

High-grade security for medical data

Imagine medical personnel waiting around a printer churning out paper, only to realize their printout was sent to a different machine on the other end of the wing. Our automatic and intelligent printer mapping makes sure clinic employees always access the correct printer, regardless of their own location at the time. So printouts come out where they are expected and needed every time, even as staff roams across devices and facilities.
Medical data are among the most sensitive pieces of private information, and we take that very seriously. ThinPrint transmits print data with SSL/TLS (128-bit) encryption, all the way to the printer itself. This grade of security is consistent with the virtual desktop infrastructure’s requirements, and it extends its promise of secure and universal access from the digital to the paper-based realm as well.

Controlling and implementation made easy

In the print-heavy healthcare environment, controlling is key. All our products come with a dedicated tracking service which provides a detailed overview of print behavior and its respective costs. So teams are empowered to identify potential problem areas and devise effective solutions. The cost-controlling aspect of our solutions is important to us because it also speaks to the larger question of “virtualizing medicine” and its price. As many healthcare professionals testify, implementing virtual access solutions in hospitals’ clinical areas pays for itself many times over in reducing infrastructure, IT, and medical staff’s opportunity costs. Our print management software offers solutions which are in line with this principle of reducing cost and maximizing benefit to clinician and patient alike. In doing so, we walk hand in hand with innovation in the sector and keep driving it forward.

Further information about Essential eHealth Printing can be found here.

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