What is DaaS?

In his article on CMS WIRE, Kaya Ismail introduces Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) with its advantages and disadvantages and highlights the differences from Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI).

With the DaaS, employees can be provided with cloud-based workspaces

The Cloud Service DaaS (Desktop-as-a-Service)

With DaaS, employees can be provided with cloud-based workspaces. Physical terminals such as laptops, PCs or tablets communicate with the workspace hosted by a cloud service provider. According to a report by the Citrix Service Provider Center of Excellence, the DaaS market has grown and developed further in recent years.

DaaS vs. VDI: Virtual Desktop Infrastructure from the Cloud

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) delivers virtual desktops via on-premises servers that are managed in-house by IT departments. With this more traditional form of virtual desktop provisioning and management, VDI technology needs to be maintained and updated locally. It also requires servers, storage, and a data center. Desktop-as-a-Service however, is different – this cloud-based virtual desktop approach separates virtual desktops from on-premises servers. Enterprises can therefore use third-party providers to host their virtual desktop servers.

Advantages and Disadvantages of DaaS

The advantages include cost savings thanks to the licensing model, protection of sensitive corporate data (since data is no longer stored locally on the devices), secure access from the company’s infrastructure to all applications, simple and fast provisioning, high scalability and easy integration into existing IT systems (including VPN technology). On the other hand, high costs could be seen as a disadvantage, but can be avoided if a provider is found who communicates real prices without hidden usage charges. And an unstable internet connection of course results in poor performance.

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Printing in DaaS Environments

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