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Printing as part of the AI-driven world

The Future of Printing in an AI-Driven World – What Awaits Us in 2024

The integration of artificial intelligence (AI) and printing technology is fundamentally changing the way businesses handle printing tasks. The use of AI and cloud technologies streamlines and automates printing processes, seamlessly integrating them into digital workflows.

Natives Drucken mit ThinPrint

ThinPrint Supports Native Printing – Here’s Why

Native printing makes it possible to use even very special printer features of a printing device. To enable companies to take advantage of all the functions of original printer drivers, ThinPrint supports both driverless and native printing.

Modernisieren Sie Ihre Legacy-Anwendungen

Modernize Your Legacy Applications and Enable Direct Printing from Web Applications

With ThinPrint or ezeep, modernized legacy applications can be implemented so that users can print directly and highly available from web applications.

Citrix Summit 2020

Citrix Summit 2020 Review – A Time for Optimism

More than 4,400 attendees joined together at Citrix Summit 2020. Find out all the details and read our event report here.

2020 Printing Trends

With 2020 fast approaching, we’ve taken a look at upcoming 2020 printing trends. The year is going to see some interesting changes in the printing field.

What is DaaS?

What is DaaS (Desktop-as-a-Service) and what distinguishes this form of virtual computing from Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)? The main difference is in how virtual desktops are deployed. And what are the advantages and disadvantages of DaaS? Discover everything you always wanted to know about DaaS in this article.

Printing is still important

Why Software Defined Printing can no longer be ignored

Software Defined Enterprises may be the holy grail for many of today's pioneering Chief Information Officers. But, while our networking, storage and data centre solutions are enjoying a new lease of life decoupled from hardware constraints - and given the fluidity of virtualization - our printing tasks are too often being neglected. But this is a mistake: software defined printing will improve the efficiency of your enterprise in the most fundamental ways.