Printing in Banking and Insurance Companies: The Challenges

printing in banking and insurance companies

For banks and insurance companies, along with personal contact with customers, printed documents play an essential role in fostering trust. (Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash)

Can you please write a blog post about printing in banking and insurance companies, you know all about it? That was my assignment. I said yes. Let us first take a look at what banks and insurance companies have in common when it comes to printing. They are generally large organizations with many employees, numerous distributed locations, centralized structures and increasingly, mobile colleagues in different locations or on-site with customers. Even though people have been talking about paperless offices for over 20 years, there is still a need to print documents.

Thanks to email, the internet and increased connectivity, the number of printouts has decreased, end devices have changed rapidly and with iOS and Android, more operating systems are in use than ever before. Despite these changes, there is a continued recognition that printing should not just be enabled and offered, but that its efficient management is an essential component of IT administration.

In this context, we’re not talking about Managed Print Services (MPS), i.e. automatic toner deliveries or paper orders, nor about meter reading transmission, accurate page billing and/or automatic triggering of technician calls, but rather the IT administrators’ desire for central management.

And this is exactly what is achievable with ThinPrint. No more driver maintenance on clients and terminal servers, just in a highly-available location with ThinPrint – the central print server. If you happen to prefer local printing, then this is also possible with ThinPrint’s solutions. No administration in branch offices or remote maintenance is needed. You also benefit from less hardware being required in branch offices as well as significantly reduced driver problems, to name just two key advantages.

And what are the challenges when printing in banking and insurance companies? Printing is as well as in other industries neglected and sometimes even simply forgotten about – regardless of the size of the organization. But especially when printing doesn’t work, it suddenly becomes a business-critical process. However, the printing path can be quite varied depending on the infrastructure and many factors play a role. For example, do you have a homogeneous or heterogeneous printer landscape and how many printer drivers must be managed? Do you use thin clients or fat clients or mobile devices? And do you need a highly-secure and confidential follow-me printing solution? Do you have roaming users and what is the default printer behavior?

The points and scenarios mentioned above are only a small sample of the many printing challenges that ThinPrint solves for both the banking and insurance sectors. Others include local printing or automatic printer driver maintenance via a cloud portal on all end devices, just to name a few of many other scenarios.

With our many years of experience, we at ThinPrint find that a personal and non-binding webinar which analyzes your infrastructure requirements individually is by far the most efficient step to take first. Printing in banking and insurance companies is often a complex task that requires a thorough preliminary analysis. We can then decide together whether, and to what extent ThinPrint can support you in printing.

Numerous banking and insurance companies have relied on our solutions for printing, in some cases for almost twenty years.

If you are interested in a non-binding consultation, or trying ThinPrint in your environment for free, or even discovering how industry peers benefit from ThinPrint, then contact us at [email protected]. We’re happy to help you in whatever way possible.

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