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Soon reality: Windows Virtual Desktop

What You Need to Know About Microsoft’s Windows Virtual Desktop

At Ignite 2018, Microsoft announced its Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) with support for Azure-based remote desktop workloads. We took a look at how Microsoft’s Windows 10 multiuser experience will work as well as how it could impact service providers, multi-tenant environments as well as end customers and shake up the virtualization industry.

Mopria, Google Cloud Print and Possible Alternatives: Android Printing for enterprises

The Android mobile operating system is hugely popular across the globe, both on private smartphones and tablets as well as in the corporate context. For many users however, working productively with mobile devices also means being able to print files easily. We're looking at how well solutions like Mopria and Google Cloud Print are suited for Android printing in the enterprise.

Network printing with iPhones and iPads?

Network printing with iPhones and iPads – That´s how it works!

In this blogpost we’ll take a look at network printing with iPhones and iPads. Why is it important? What are the challenges to watch out for? And how can iOS network printing be easily set up?

Vergecast debating printing

Vergecast debates about printing

After having “survived” a self inflicted accident with an electric scooter I was looking for a break - the Vergecast was discussing the announcement Apple was expected to make the following event. As I listened casually the discussion quickly turned to a familiar accessory: Printers and printer drivers.

definition mobile printing

Mobile Printing – Definition, Scenarios and Advantages

Who hasn’t experienced it – printing only becomes problematic once it’s urgently needed, and it’s a problem that nobody likes tackling. This article defines mobile printing, asks the question why it’s required and its advantages as well as the solutions that can make everyday business life far more productive.

10ZiG and ThinPrint Hub

10ZiG and ThinPrint Launch Technology Partnership

10ZiG Technology – a world leader in Thin and Zero Client endpoints for desktop virtualization, and ThinPrint, provider of the world’s leading print management software of the same name, have entered into an OEM partnership. As part of the cooperation, the ThinPrint Client has been integrated into 10ZiG Thin Clients for fast, high-performance printing. 10ZiG Zero Clients can also print plug and play securely and quickly with the ThinPrint Hub, even when using a print server.

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